Transducteur de mesure multi-paramètres DC 24VDC


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  • Available with wide power supply: DC: 10-30V or 10-55V or AC / DC: 85-265V.
  • With odd parity, even parity, no parity, 2 stop bits and other communication methods are free to set.
  • Communication speed optional, the maximum communication speed to 115200 bps.
  • The intelligent transducer with the smallest size and wide current measurement range in the peer.
  • Electroplating has a positive and negative cumulative, and power-down storage function.
  • With red and green light-emitting diode instructions function, the red light indicates the normal operation of the product (100mS flashing), the green light indicates the product communication.
  • High anti-interference ability, the input, output and power port to resist the surge voltage up to 2KV or more.


80,60 HT

Disponible sur commande

147,80 HT pour 2 produit(s)

Transducteur multi-paramètre DC avec sortie RS485 Modbus-RTU. Boîter rail DIN compact. Connexions sur bornes et tore ouvrant pour mesure du courant DC précision 0,5%.

UGS : 9TR03-00400 Catégorie :
Dimensions 86 × 70 × 76 mm

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